History of ToolsEdit

Tools were one of the major results of the industrial revolution currently happening. They originally were made by hobbyists and home-based artisans, but quickly began being produced in factories by many fabricasts when the steel making process was made more efficient. Now most fabricasts travel with several different tools at a time.

How they workEdit

Tools are machines that are built by fabricasts. They can be anything from guns to recently invented planes. To build a tool the fabricast must gather sufficient materials and have enough experience to put together the machine and figure out how everything works together. They must be run by using diesel, which is a fuel blend created in the kingdom of Diesel, which holds much of the world's reserve of oil and is the only place where it can be refined into diesel.

Machines will often break down from too much use, and it will be required to go to a workspace to fix it since most fabricasts don't carry around anvils and the heavier hammers needed for repairs.