History of MagicEdit

Magic has been found in a small percentage of the population from before history was recorded. As a result of that those who could use magic have been either persecuted or honored throughout history. Those who can use magic have been called many things such as magician, shaman, or even god. Currently they are referred to as ekylicasts.

How it worksEdit

The magic the ekylicasts use is based on absorbing the essence of an object. The essence is what characteristics make the object what it is. An example is that a boat floats on water. Ekylicasts can remove the essence of an object and put it into another object. The second object will now have the characteristic of the object (in this case floating) in addition to what it already had. Since that now means that the new object has the essence of two objects they will both not be able to stay in the one object, so after 5-10 minutes the essence that was inserted will be destroyed. The essence will not be recoverable, so each essence is only one use.

The object (in this case the boat) that had its essence removed will now no longer have that characteristic; meaning that the boat will no longer float. The object will still keep its form and all but the characteristic that was taken as the essence. An object with no essence *can*have another essence put into it, and since it only has one essence it will now assume the characteristics of whatever object the essence was originally from.

Essences will absorb into whatever is closest to them, so to store them it is standard to wear a belt with empty containers in it. No one is sure exactly how it works, but these containers keep the essences inside of them, and are easier to retrieve an essence from than the original object.