Frederick Nikola
Father of Modern Warfare








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"Those that will not comply will simply be destroyed."

Nikola is the king of Tessla, and as such is influential. He is also known as the "Father of Modern Warfare" because of his role in introducing fabricasts tools to the battlefield. He is strong-willed and ambitious. He resents ekylicasts because he cannot control them as easily as everyone else.


Nikola has blond hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a purple set of armor with golden borders and a fur-trimmed purple cape that reaches his ankles. Instead of a crown he wears a simple circlet.


Nikola is devious and cunning. He uses whatever resources he has to achieve his goals, even if it means sacrificing thousands. He is very controlling, and hates anything that he doesn't have control over. This hatred is strong enough that he will destroy anything that doesn't follow his orders exactly.


Nikola was born as the son of a high ranking general in the kingdom of Tessla. He was raised along with the prince of the kingdom, and they became inseparable. They were both taught from a young age how to rule a kingdom, although the prince didn't seem as enthusiastic as Nikola did. As such Nikola began to think less of the prince. At the age of 12 he left to fight in the army under his father. In the next 10 years he became known as a military genius and became the leading general. He returned to the capital and was shocked to find his friend, who had become king, worried more about his concubines than military conquest. It was at this point that Nikola led a coup and took complete control over the kingdom by making himself king.

When the industrial revolution started he became interested in the military applications of the fabricast's machines. He gathered hundreds of fabricasts together and had them create weapons for his army. After these weapons were distributed and his soldiers were trained, he started to take over all neighboring kingdoms and countries. At this point he was known throughout the world as a ruthless conqueror, and several kingdoms surrendered to him before he even announced a campaign against them.


Before the start of the story Nikola gathered fabricasts and used the firearms they created to take over all neighboring countries. This included the country of Eon, whose army of ekylicasts was known as invincible.

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His favorite color is purple

Nikola's Theme

Nikola's Theme

Nikola's Theme