(Insert your current UN on OC, edit if you change your UN


{Either Fabricast or Ekylicast}


{Between 16-40}


{Male or Female}


{Please make it reasonable}


{Please make it reasonable}

Fighting Style

{Agressive, Defensive, Balanced, etc.}

"Quote by character"

(This is your basic introduction of your character.)


(Describe your character's appearance. Feel free to upload a profile picture, which is easily done under the Contribute button, and then placing it here.)


(Really important you fill this one out. It will determine how I write out your actions as well as a few other things.)


(Whatever you want as long as it makes sense with the story and the background)



(Tools/Essences and Equipment)Edit

(Each person will start out with four slots. For a fabricast this is for machines you create, for a ekylicast the essences you have stored. These should be edited as they change. Fabricasts and ekylicasts start out with ONE actual essence or machine. The other three are for things that happen in the story.

Note:This is strictly for what you create or essences you have stored. You may have other equipment, but that goes in a different place. Please put just Tool or Essences where there is a slash. That is different for fabricasts and ekylicasts)

(Tool/Essence) SlotsEdit

  • ()
  • ()
  • ()
  • ()


(You can have any amount of equipment as long as you would actually be able to carry it. A small person couldn't carry a broadsword or something like that around. Try to make it realistic...)


  • (if you want your character to have a past related to another character, please say so here. This is for how your character sees other characters.)


  • (Random Trivia. I do suggest putting a theme just because it is amusing.)